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Lil' Sebastian Fic: All I Want For Christmas Is You (And Only You)
Title: All I Want for Christmas Is You (And Only You)
Prompt: Andy dragging the Parks department out for caroling.
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2500

All I Want For Christmas Is You (And Only You)Collapse )

Love, Nuns and Tanks
This story was written in response to this post: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes. Thanks for the wonderful prompt!

In following with one of the prompts for how to get more likes, this is indeed a love story involving cage-fighting nuns and tanks. It is up to you to decide whether it is epic or not. Old Habits Die HardCollapse )

Silly Meme-Thing
The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing or character of your choosing. In return, you are challenged to post this in your own journal, regardless of your ability level- or not as you wish.

The Results So Far:

1. Breaking Bad, Saul, "And yet he always tips"
2. Harry Potter, Crabbe/Goyle, Jawline fetish
3. Sherlock, Mystrade
4. Sherlock, Donovan/Anderson, sex

(no subject)
This little ficlet is what came from reading Alternamorphs. The narrator complained so much, that HotPinkCoffee and I wondered what would happen if Tobias got fed up with it. Under the cut for language.

Tobias SnapsCollapse )

Please Ignore This Nonsense
Oookay, this post is going to be me messing around and seeing if I can understand the mechanics of livejournal. I may delete it later. BTW, thanks to Lisa Charly for the tips.

Hmm, let's see if this works.


Okay, now on to trying cuts.

Blah Blah BlahCollapse )
Hopefully all of that worked and I will be able to say I have mastered the art of LiveJournal. You'd really think that since I had a LJ for years, I would know this stuff already. You would think that, but you'd be wrong.

Time to wrap this up. I hope this has been an enriching experience for everyone.

(no subject)
Hello, my name is AliKat, or at least that it what I tend to go by online. This journal is pretty much just an extension of my fan fiction writing, a journal to use for commenting on other people's writing and the like. I write under the name alikat522 on fanfiction.net, in a few different fandoms, namely Animorphs, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Everworld, Firefly, and the occasional other. If you enjoy my writing, please feel free to traipse on over to my profile at:
Thank you.